ADHD means …

Finding out you have ADHD gives you an answer while raising a lot of questions. We get you.


Feeling frustrated at not being able to hold my attention where it needs to be. Getting lost for hours in distractions and feeling like I’ve wasted the day.


Feeling like I am on a small emotional rollercoaster. Reacting to everything that happens and feeling way to much about it. Often getting upset when later I realise there was nothing to get upset about!


Getting overwhelmed when things get complicated. Finding it hard or even uncomfortable to hold ideas in mind and sort them into priorities. Losing track of procedures or instructions in my head. Feeling stupid or incompetent when I know I am not.


Feeling that motivation is something that just comes out of the blue. Either I like something or not, and if not it will be really hard to find the motivation to do it. Except when that thing becomes a threat. Then I can usually act but only when it is really close in time.


Finding time as something inconsistent. Sometimes it rushes past, others it drags but it never feels consistent. I loose track of it consistently and am often running late despite my best plans.


Feeling frustrated that despite my best intentions, things often don’t turn out the way I planned. Then I am always apologising for something altho I don’t feel I am in control of.


Sometimes my partner and I are fantastic, but other times I feel their frustration with me. I forget important things and more and more my partner feels more like a parent than my lover. I know I am letting them down and it looks like I don’t care, but I do.


I want to be in control. I am so tired of feeling lost or out of control. I am often anxious and want to take back control of my life. Not just today, but for my future.


I know I can have a better life than this. I am smarter, stronger and more capable that what others may think I am. I have potential I haven’t started to meet yet – if I could just figure out how.

what our clients say

 *All names, have been altered but are true and authentic testimonials

I was feeling “stuck” and overwhelmed at work and in life generally. Monica to be easy to talk to, practical, caring and down-to-earth. With unique insight into how ADHD impacts on executive function and helped me better understand the challenges I was dealing with. Through our sessions I developed strategies for managing things better at work, and overcame a life-long habit of arriving late each morning. Thank you!


After more than 40 years of difficulties finding my direction and maintaining focus, I was referred to Jon.  He quickly identified strong indicators of attention deficit and has helped me understand why I have struggled and provided practical advice on how I can adapt my behaviour and environment to function more effectively. To put it simply, when I first met Jon I was single, living alone in a rental property and working two part-time jobs that did not bring me joy.  Now I have a loving partner and we are one week away from moving into our own home.  We are also expecting our first child.  In addition, I have a full time job and am studying towards a Masters. I will be forever grateful for Jon’s wisdom and practical advice.


Connect ADHD Coaching have helped me gain a better understanding of my ADHD and how it has impacted on my executive functioning skills. With their coaching, I am learning the skills and strategies that are enabling me to not just succeed in my studies (for the first time ever!), but also have greater confidence in myself while working.


Thanks for reminding me & thanks for EVERYTHING you have done to help me become a better man this year – I am so grateful that my doctor put us on to you – it has been a LIFE CHANGER !!!!!



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How you do it


Complete the CONNECT referral form and we will follow up with detailed information for the areas you nominated including costs and links to either sign up or discuss directly with us if you have more questions.



If you like what you see, you can register for the introductory session directly from a link in the email sent to you and then we will send you through the options for starting either your individual sessions or group. If you’d like to discuss things further you can always reach out!


ADHD can feel very complicated and there is a lot of information out there. That’s why we have a dedicated 90 minute Introductory Session where we share the major concepts and give you time to ask any questions you may have. There are group and individual introductory sessions.



    More than just powerful questions, ADHD Coaching is a specially trained area of coaching that utilises core concepts of performance coaching and expert knowledge of ADHD and ASD to support growth and change with clients with ADHD, ASD and other developmental conditions. 


how we work with you

ADHD & EF Coaching helps people with ADHD and ASD address the underlying issues that can impact their lives.

how we coach

Individual Sessions – Solo, Couples & Family

Private sessions with your coach for individuals, couples or families.

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Online ADHD Coaching

ADHD & EF Coaching online – easy to access, be on time and fit with our life.

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The Connect ADHD Coaching App

Our app gives you a central space for all your coaching tools and information as well as providing appt access and reminders and self reminder tools and journals.

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specialty group programs

Uni/College Program

Uni & College students with ADHD
face new challenges making learning, exams & assignments difficult. Organise study and assignments. Create systems helping Uni work with ADHD. Stay on top of schedules and deadlines

Parent as Coach Program

Giving parents/caregivers with the education and tools to understand and support their child with ADHD. The aim of the course is to connect understanding with practical strategies that support the family where ADHD is a feature and a challenge.

Couples & ADHD Program

For both partners in a relationship that includes ADHD information and tools that will support improved understanding of the processes related to ADHD.

Decoding Doing Program

An interactive program focusing on helping you get things done. Based on our book Decoding Doing

Creativity & ADHD Program

take hold of our idea firehoses and create reliably and fully into the future. Over 6 x 45 minute sessions discover, discuss and implement strategies for reliable creativity.

High School Program

Providing structure and support to understand and address the ADHD specific challenges for senior high school students and their parents.

Womens’ ADHD by Design

Designed to provide women with ADHD coaching and the support and information needed in a shared setting.

Mens’ ADHD by Design

Private sessions with your coach for individuals, couples or families.

From Brisbane to the World

Because our coaching is delivered via Zoom and you can access our app, videos and tools online, we coach people all over Australia and the world. Choose your closest timezone below to find out when you could meet with us.

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