Who we are

This is us

We estabilished Connect ADHD Coaching in 2014, delivering ADHD & EF Coaching for people with ADHD and ASD for 8 years and counting. Our focus has always been to help people with ADHD to reach their potential in their personal and professional lives.
We believe this is best achieved through a current neuroscience related to ADHD, ASD and cognition, applied to coaching methods with the best options for ADHD friendly support. 

Monica Hassall


Monica’s goal is to curate knowledge to work closely with her clients incorporating information and practices from a variety of sources: current Neuroscience, Ancient Wisdoms, Eastern Philosophies, Mindfulness and Coaching Principles.

Monica practiced initially as a Registered Nursing and corporate sales, commening coaching training in 2012.

She has presented at the National and International Conferences and has published multiple articles in ADDitude magazine and ATTENTION magazine. She runs a Live ADHD Parenting program as well as working with adults.

Jonathan Hassall


Jonathan focus includes the translating executive function to a useful way of managing ADHD for everyone. In this way, he seeks to help individuals with ADHD find and embracing their “neuro-native” state supporting adaptation and reaching their potential.

His background includes psychiatric services and as Scientific Advisor for ADHD in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jonathan trained as a an ADHD coach through the US and is a regular speaker at ADHD meetings and podcasts in Australian, US, and UK. He is a board member of ADDA and a published author.