Individual & Group ADHD Coaching


Individual sessions are where you have the coach all to yourself. As either solo, couple or family sessions and generally consist of approximately 45 minute sessions (solo), 60 minutes (couples and family).

In these sessions we plan your goals and pathway to addressing your challenges. Individual clients have full access to the client app/portal and have the option of additionally engaging in special group programs if desired. All current clients have free access to the optional Laser Focus productivity group twice a week.

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Group sessions are focused on special interest areas such as University/College attendance or Parenting someone with ADHD.

These programs are designed as group sessions as there are advantages in achieving understanding and support in a group format. Groups run from between 4 to approximately 30 sessions depending on the needs of the specific area.

Group program clients also have full access to the client app/portal and can also book short notice individual sessions if they feel they need additional coaching*.

 (*Additional solo sessions at usual individual session rates)

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