The “Parent as ADHD Coach” programme has been very beneficial in providing us with a much better understanding of what the brain does, and how it manifests as ADD/ADHD. This information has allowed us to take a step back and imagine how exciting, yet daunting the world must be to our 7 year old. We are now better equipped to identify our son’s daily emotional challenges and are more patient with helping him transition between tasks. We have also gained some useful strategies to help him (and the whole family) get through the mundane activities that form part of everyday life.

Holly & Tom

I want to thank you Monica for your coaching. As an adult Mother diagnosed with ADHD supporting my teenager through his schooling, I am very grateful for your advice and exceptional support. i have spent years trying many different methods to improve my children’s ability to pay attention. My son’s condition includes some sensory integration issues. The various medications all have side effects and therefore the side effects and medication dosages must be managed efficiently from day to day. Monica has helped us look at each of life’s challenges using an easy to comprehend process of goal setting and problem solving. This has been very successful. Monica is a dedicated professional and uses a variety of up to date methods and always follows through.


I am 23 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early adult years and I am honored to write this as a big thank you for all of Jon’s support and guidance. Jon has coached me for ADHD with expert quality and processes. Since being coached by him I have made huge changes for not only my life but the lives of my supportive family. Jon is a very positive, cheerful and supportive and has offered new insights to life, myself and my family cannot thank him enough. He managed to build up my confidence, explain to me processes from getting to A to B.Within the first two weeks being under his coaching I started:
* Going back to school
* Obtain my license
* Initiated work
* Start a more positive social life
* Built up my confidence to do what I need and want to do in life
* Help me see things from a better angle instead of being enclosed as I was beforehand (e.g. When I was asked to do something I originally saw it as distracting me from what I wanted to do, now thanks to Jon’s coaching I have a more open mind and see it as I need to participate and support as much as what I get)


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Testimonial Submissions

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